Known issues

Known issues of version 1.0

– the grid extent contains rows larger than that of GMTED2010. This is due to cropping step during the algorithm which creates 7 empty rows. This leads to the problem that the data cannot be read correctly into GRASSGIS. The issue has be fixed in Version 1.1

– areas between 179.284 E and 180 E as well -88.275 and -90 are missing in Version 1.0. This is due to a problem with the SAGA module which is used to transfer the ERA interim grids to a -180 to 180 extent. The algorithm could not wrap around the dateline, leading to missing values. The issue will be addressed in the forthcoming versions.

– Precipitation Version 1 has no GHCN bias correction (only GPCC). The monthly values therefore do not sum up to the annual values of Version 1.0 This issue has been fixed in Version 1.1