The CHELSA timeseries data is a monthly dataset of precipitation, maximum-, minimum-, and mean temperatures at 30 arc sec resolution for the earths land surface areas. There are seperate files for each month starting January 1979 – December 2013. For temperatures also air temperature over the oceans is included.

global temp


If you are interested in the performance of the timeseries in comparision to other climate products, check out Table 2 , Table 4 , Figure 3 , and Figure 6 in the publication describing CHELSA in Scientific Data.


The coding of the files is as follows:

For temperature:


For precipitation:


The whole dataset is quite large, please considere this before downloading. We do not have a subsetting tool available yet, so if you need a specific geographic area, you still have to download the whole global layers.


The files can be found here:

File Server