CHELSA Bioclim

Bioclimatic variables are derived variables from the monthly mean, max, mean temperature, and mean precipitation values. They are developed for species distribution modeling and related ecological applications. They represent annual trends (e.g., mean annual temperature, annual precipitation) seasonality (e.g., annual range in temperature and precipitation) and extreme or limiting environmental factors (e.g., temperature of the coldest and warmest month, and precipitation of the wet and dry quarters). A quarter is defined as a period of three months (1/4 of the year). The code follows those of Worldclim and ANUCLIM:



Bio1 = Annual Mean Temperature
Bio2 = Mean Diurnal Range
Bio3 = Isothermality
Bio4 = Temperature Seasonality
Bio5 = Max Temperature of Warmest Month
Bio6 = Min Temperature of Coldest Month
Bio7 = Temperature Annual Range
Bio8 = Mean Temperature of Wettest Quarter
Bio9 = Mean Temperature of Driest Quarter
Bio10 = Mean Temperature of Warmest Quarter
Bio11 = Mean Temperature of Coldest Quarter
Bio12 = Annual Precipitation
Bio13 = Precipitation of Wettest Month
Bio14 = Precipitation of Driest Month
Bio15 = Precipitation Seasonality
Bio16 = Precipitation of Wettest Quarter
Bio17 = Precipitation of Driest Quarter
Bio18 = Precipitation of Warmest Quarter
Bio19 = Precipitation of Coldest Quarter

The layers have been calculated in SAGA-GIS 2.3.1