last glacial maximum climate

Downscaled global climatological data from the last glacial maximum (21.000 years ago). The CHELSA LGM data is based on a implementation of the CHELSA algorithm on PMIP3 data. Currently we provide data for seven PMIP3 GCMs. NCAR-CCSM4, MRI-CGCM3, MPI-ESM-P, MIROC-ESM, CESS-FGOALS-g2, IPSL-CM5A-LR, CNRM-CM5. They are available here DOWNLOADS


Annual precipitation patterns during the last glacial maximum. Red areas indicate high precipitation, blue indicates low precipitation.

The data uses a paleoDEM at 30 arc second resolution and an interpolation of global glacier cover. This leads to a better representation of the expected precipitation and temperature values on the surface, as glacier form and height are included. The LGM models are also more dynamic as comparable datasets that use the delta change method, as they include changes in wind direction, condensation levels, and temperature lapse rates, which the delta change method does not implement.

Temperatures in Kelvin/10
Precipitation in mm/10

This means you have to divide by 10 and add -273.15 to get degree Celsius.

The files can be downloaded in the download section