Known issues

Known issues
– the land sea mask can cut out areas that are actually land. A version without any land sea mask can be found here:

– the grid extent contains rows larger than that of GMTED2010. This is due to cropping step during the algorithm which creates 7 empty rows. This leads to the problem that the data cannot be read correctly into GRASSGIS. The issue has be fixed in Version 1.1

– Areas between 179.284 E and 180 E as well -88.275 and -90 are missing in Version 1.0. This is due to a problem with the SAGA module which is used to transfer the ERA interim grids to a -180 to 180 extent. The algorithm could not wrap around the dateline, leading to missing values. The issue will be addressed in the forthcoming versions.

– the precipitation Version 1 has no GHCN bias correction (only GPCC). The monthly values therefore do not sum up to the annual values of Version 1.0 This issue has been fixed in Version 1.1

– Isothermality of the CMIP5 layers downloaded before 20. March 2019 are on another unit than those of the current climate. The units have been harmonized. Old files can be found in the archive.